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The aim of Shaadisaath is to help you find your life partner in the easiest, simplest and quickest possible way. We realize the importance of your time and value every minute you give us and thus, we want to help you utilize every minute. To begin the search for your better half, the first step is to register with us. Once you register the next step is to create a profile. Creating a profile includes filling personal, educational and professional details. You need to mention your family background, educational details, physical attributes, and your work profile and so on. Make sure you fill in all the details honestly and clearly, but don’t make it too elaborate and boring for the readers. Next, add latest photographs. Make sure the images are clear and not blurry for the viewers to see.Add a couple of photographs from different angles and don’t add group photographs to send confusing signals! Once your profile is complete, it is reviewed by our experts. All our profiles are verified to give the users 100% authentic search results. Your profile goes live after verification and you can begin your search. You can scroll through other profiles, read about other members and search according to your specifications. We give our users the feature of filtering the search results as per their likings. You can find an extensive range of profiles from various countries, states, castes, communities, age-groups, and professions, etc.

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Did you like our services? Are you satisfied and happy with our services? Spread the word for us and refer us to your family and friends. When you are happy, why not share the source of your joy with others too. All of us have friends, cousins and colleagues looking for marital bliss, why not initiate the process for them. As a parent, sibling, relative or friend you could create a profile for the prospective bride or groom. You could also shortlist a few profiles for them to see (a great way to generate their interest!).
Besides complete customer satisfaction, we at also give huge importance to building lifelong relations. After all, we are all about helping you make new relations. We would love and appreciate a little word of mouth and some personal publicity if we have managed to touch your heart in any little way. We value your help, love and effort and dedicate all our success and growth to you. Thanks.
We are always there for our users. Any help, we are always there. If you feel lost or confused at any moment, contact our team and we will do all that we can to the best of our capabilities. If you think you need help regarding any feature we will be more than happy to help you.
Any suggestion or complaint, we are all ears. We are all about valuable feedback and improvisation. We would love to include your suggestions if we feel it will help us give better and improved services to our valued users. You can find all the necessary contact details and information on the Contact Us page.

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