Report Misuse

Report Misuse against any member to Admin of

Report misuse and enable us to take immediate action. You will be helping yourself and other members not to fall prey to miscreants. Any site that offers users a safe and secure search will be the first choice of users.

Behavior with fraudulent profile

When you will face a fraudulent or fake profile you should inform immediately by reporting violation or fake profile so we may check on the profile and take necessary action against the member. You should keep yourself away from this kind of fake persons and don't disclose your personal contact details with him /her.

Act for any harassment by any member

When any member is continuously harassing you, you should report misuse so we may put an end to it by taking necessary action against the miscreant. Also you should be sincere to be staying away from these kind of persons for any interactions and don't allow them to reach you through any medium such as mail id or phone or your postal address.

To report violation

If you feel any uncomfortable situation which is going out of your control or disturbing your peace of personal life such as horror message or black mailing message on internet or on physical address or around your official address, you can report violation or misuse by sending a mail to us at

Revealing your identity during report violation

When you will report of violation against any member of, then we assure you that we will keep hide about your name and contact details for your future safety and security. Yes, it is mandatory that you reveal your identity while reporting violation or misuse; however, your identity details will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to the miscreant.

Legal actions taken by to address such issues has worked with cyber police in the past to take into custody people who have misused its services. ensures that its members should have a safe and pleasant experience on the site.

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