Privacy features

Privacy features of

At we are strictly committed to the provide safety and security service of our members and follow all procedures up to our level best to protect members privacy information.

While we offer one of the most secure platforms to find a life partner, there are a few things you as a member can do to be in control. Please go through the section below to understand to search a partner in safe and secure mode.

As a member of you will have various privacy options to protect the details of your profile and can decide who views and contacts you. There will be multiple options for profile details display as follows and you have to select the view option for privacy.

Protect certain details of your profile

You can restrict access to your Photo, mobile or telephone number or residential address details Horoscope and Reference by protecting them with passwords and you can customize only members to whom you give the password can view your contact and address details. Our website has sufficient privacy security option to protect your personal contact details as per your preference. We always give priority on our member's preference.

Block and ignore profiles

You can ignore profiles during search in the View full profile section. Only paid or premium members can see and block profiles during search in the View full profile section. And members can't come to know when you view their profile. Overall, your all activities and privacy will be secure and comfortable. Here you are free to decide about your action such as interaction with the selected person or all persons.

Your login details must be confidential

You should keep your login details confidential, as your profile is your responsibility and can be used for legal issues against you due to misuse of your login detail if it falls into the wrong hands. We also warn you not to share your login details in our site with your family members and friends.

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